The Causes Of Bloating And How To Get Rid Of It


Bloating is about the most disgusting thing that happens to us as humans. It can make your stomach distended, make you feel fat, and be one of the most uncomfortable experiences for women and men alike. Believe it or not at one time or another a person has dealt with the negative effects of bloating; some people may just bloat more often than others.

What causes bloating?

Bloating can be caused by a number of different factors, but we’ve gathered the most popular one’s for you including:


One of the major culprit of bloating is that of built up gas that is retained throughout the digestive system. Trapped gas in the stomach and intestines can distend your stomach as it attempts to escape the body by way of flatulence and belching.

Too Much Salt Intake:

Salt retention in the body can cause all sorts of things to swell up and bloat. There is much controversy over eating a low salt diet, because your body needs some salt, however too much sodium can cause a vast amount of weight retention that results in some serious bloating.

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